Getting enough calcium? 7.4 million Aussies may not be meeting their daily needs, new research!

March 29 2021

Getting enough calcium? 7.4 million Aussies may not be meeting their daily needs, new research

New John West Protein+ Calcium Rich Tuna is a global first providing 100% of the average adult’s daily recommended calcium1, all naturally, in one can.


Aussies moving away from dairy may be lacking in essential nutrients, new research from Simplot Australia’s John West has revealed, as many as 7.4 million adults may not be getting enough calcium in their diets2.


John West Australia commissioned research — surveying 1,019 Australians aged 18+ — found that nearly one in five adults have either decreased their consumption of dairy, or removed it entirely from their diets, in recent years. And while the majority3 would like to boost their calcium intake, 44% say they don’t know how to do so without adding more dairy into their diet.


John West Nutritionist, Carena Gee, said: “Calcium is a crucially important nutrient essential for maintaining strong bones and teeth, as well as nerve and muscle function. If you’re not getting enough calcium over a long period, this can contribute to a higher risk of osteopenia (weakened bones), which can lead to osteoporosis.”


“It’s essential that those who have reduced or excluded dairy from their diets are taking action to ensure they get the calcium they need from other sources,” said Ms. Gee.


While two in three (64%) adults would still consider upping their dairy intake to boost their calcium levels, 76% would prefer to look to non-dairy foods with natural sources of calcium, such as dark leafy greens and vegetables, nuts, and canned fish containing soft or crushed bones.


The new John West Protein+ Calcium Rich Tuna is a great option for those looking to boost their calcium intake. The product incorporates UniQTMBONE, a calcium-rich bone powder. UniQTMBONE is produced from tuna bones, has no detectable flavour and naturally delivers a range of nutrients for bone health. John West is the first brand to incorporate this innovative product in its Protein+ Calcium Rich Tuna range.


“Importantly, the new range means we are better able to meet the growing demands of consumers seeking healthier lifestyles, which starts with optimising nutrition,” said Ms. Gee.


John West Protein+ Calcium Rich Tuna is available at Coles and Independent supermarkets.



1 Recommended dietary intake of 800mg calcium (average adult)

2 38% of Australian adults know they don’t get enough calcium in their diet.

3 52% of Australian adults 


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