Our Health & Nutrition Commitments


Nutrition Commitments

At Simplot, we understand that we have a corporate responsibility to the consumers of our foods to help foster good health plus promote healthier food choices through access to safe, affordable and nutritious food.


We are a responsible company, providing trusted health and nutrition solutions, to help consumers make informed health choices.


The Simplot Australia nutrition vision aspires to deliver nourishing foods via our brands by bringing earth’s resources to life to cultivate healthy and nutritious choices for our consumers.


Our Nutrition Guiding Values

Our Simplot Australia guiding nutrition values are our safeguard for the way we work. They define how we will act responsibly using evidence based on sound science in developing Simplot food products, as well as in nutrition and health communication and education.


  • Offer a wide variety of wholesome foods to meet consumer needs and aspirations
  • Provide serving sizes, serving suggestions and recipes consistent with a balanced diet and lifestyle


  • Support nutrition research and education by collaborating with reputable health and nutrition partners
  • Use nutrition science to guide product innovation which enhances the nutritional value of our portfolio


  • Help our customers make informed food and lifestyle choices by providing accurate, easy to understand health and nutrition messages
  • Promote and advertise in a responsible manner


  • Encourage and offer activities to our employees and local communities which foster healthy and active lifestyles.
  • Promote our Nutrition and Health strategy to advocate for nutrition improvement in food product development; delicious and nutritious food solutions for Foodservice; plus positive nutrition communications to promote healthy food choices.

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Our Nutrition Team

To deliver nutrition leadership, Simplot has invested in an internal team of tertiary qualified nutrition specialists with extensive industry experience.


Our expert Simplot nutrition team, in collaboration with key stakeholders across the business, has developed our corporate Simplot Health and Nutrition strategy.


The Nutrition team is responsible for product development and improvement, advocating for nutrition and health, providing relevant insights to consumer nutrition and health needs, plus nutrition communications to promote healthy food choices.