How We Hire

Cultivate your career with Simplot...

Your interest has been sparked and you’re looking at a great role. To create a stand out application make sure you check out these tips:

  1. Apply on line through our Careers Portal
  2. Screening & Shortlisting
  3. Phone discussion
  4. First Interview
  5. Second Interview
  6. Pre employment Checks
  7. Offer of Employment

1Apply on line through our Careers Portal

You like what you‘ve seen on our website and you can see yourself working in one of our teams! The first step is to match your skills and interest with any of our career opportunities and apply using our simple and user friendly on line application form.

Remember that your CV is an important part of your application. Your CV is one of the first pieces of information we see about you, so be sure to highlight your relevant experience, skills and achievements.

Once you’ve applied, you’ll receive an automated email confirming receipt of your application. It will also give you an indication of the time frames you can expect for each step of the recruitment process.

2Screening & Shortlisting

Our highly skilled Talent Specialists, together with a hiring manager will assess all of the applications. Once they determine potential suitability, they’ll schedule a phone discussion to learn more about you and your skills and experience.

3Phone discussion

A Talent Specialist will conduct a short phone discussion with you to gain further insight into your relevant skills and experience. This is an opportunity for you to ask some initial questions and learn more about the role. It is also our chance to hear more about you! The information received from your phone discussion will be shared with the hiring manager. It’s at this point that decisions are made on any further progress of your application. You’ll be kept informed every step of the way!

4First Interview

The interview process is important for both of us! We’ll be looking forward to meeting you and it’s also your opportunity to learn more about us. We try our hardest to make you feel relaxed and comfortable.

If you’re application has progressed, you’ll be contacted for a face to face interview which will most likely be held at the site where the opportunity exists. In some circumstances a phone interview or Skype call may take place. Generally we opt for a behavioural based interview which will be with one of our local Talent Specialists and the hiring manager. Other key stakeholders may become involved at this stage if appropriate.

5Second Interview

If you’re considered one of the most suitable candidates following first round interviews, you’ll be invited to attend a second interview. This usually involves the next level line managers and/or any other of our key stakeholders. Ideally, we conduct this interview at the site where the opportunity exists.

6Pre employment Checks

If you are a candidate that we consider is one of the most suitable, we will ask for your consent to conduct a series of pre-employment checks. Depending on the role these checks may include; pre-employment medical, criminal record, employment history, credit check, right to work in Australia, and employer references.

7Offer of Employment

Congratulations, we’re excited that we have a potential new team member about to join Simplot! Our decision has been made considering all of the information obtained throughout the recruitment process. A Talent Specialist will be in touch to offer you the role and discuss the terms of the offer of employment. We’ll talk about things like a start date, remuneration, your induction and other employment terms and conditions.

We’ll then generate an employment contract that reflects our discussions and the agreed terms and conditions. This will be sent to you for your review and acceptance.

Not the right opportunity for you on this occasion?

If your application is unsuccessful at any stage of the recruitment process, one of our Talent specialists will contact you to let you know the outcome.