Our Purpose, Mission and Values

At Simplot Australia, we’ are inspired by our mission of Bringing Earth’s Resources to Life, which enables us to deliver on our company purpose and Contribute to Feeding our World. We do this by providing quality, sustainable and nourishing food for the ever-changing needs of customers and consumers.


Our founder, J.R. Simplot’s Spirit of Innovation, Respect for Resources and Passion for People have underpinned the way we have operated for generations, and continue to translate into tremendous success. Driven by our purpose and guided by these values, we will continue to make a difference and build on a legacy that will benefit our communities for years to come.


Our Values:

Respect for Resources

We acknowledge the responsibility we have to tread lightly on the earth's resources. We need to ensure that we, along with our suppliers, are using these resources wisely and that they are being managed with care and respect. We strive to meet the economic, environmental and social needs of our employees and communities while preserving the opportunity for future generations to do the same.

Spirit of Innovation

We know that better solutions are always out there so we embrace fresh thinking that creates value. From pioneering innovations in seed development and food processing, or improving crop yields, to developing new products, or flexibly embracing or creating new business practices, innovation is the engine that drives Simplot forward.


We are driven by the same energy that led Jack Simplot to create the first commercially viable frozen French fry in the 1940s. As a forward-thinking company, our commitment to excellence and innovation helps us stay competitive in a changing global marketplace.


At Simplot Australia, innovation means thinking in new and different ways about how to create value for our customers.

Passion for People

Our people are central to everything we do. We employ more than 2,000 people in Australia and New Zealand and our broad-ranging business has fostered an impressive array of talent. We believe in creating a safe, diverse, equitable and inclusive workplace that supports a healthy work-life balance.