Health and Nutrition

We want to create tasty, convenient and nutritious food products that bring enjoyment to Australian families, whether they are eating out or at home. We know that a balanced diet in conjunction with an active lifestyle is important for good health and nutrition. With this in mind, our nutrition team is focused on developing the best possible meal and snack options for consumers.

Enhancing wellbeing

We use high quality ingredients and production methods to maximise nutrient retention and taste. We respond to current nutrition research and guidelines to create new products and improve existing ones. Our aim is to limit energy, fat, saturated fat and sodium and increase dietary fibre wherever we can. We also develop appropriate portion and serving sizes, serving instructions, suggestions and recipes consistent with a balanced diet.

Raising consumer awareness

Ensuring that our consumers have easy access to information about our products is important to us. Our packaging and promotional material is clear, accurate, and complies with all regulatory requirements. Our easy to understand health and nutrition messages are based on dietary guidelines and sound scientific principles.

Meet our team

Our qualified nutritionists are happy to answer any nutrition and diet related questions. Please email your questions or comments to

  • Sacha King
    (Nutrition Science Manager)

    Registered Nutritionist

  • Catherine McVitty

  • Shelley Dillon