• Corporate

    Our large corporate services group incorporates our onsite Information Services, Human Resources, Corporate Finance and Group Legal departments. Servicing the Simplot business on a national level, all our corporate services are in-house as we believe in keeping these roles and responsibilities within our business.

    Information Services respond to corporate and divisional strategies through the implemention of new information technology systems that supports our business.

    Human Resources aims to drive the strategic management of people within Simplot to maximize business performance.

    Our Corporate Finance community is represented by a centralised support service finance team and decentralised commercial finance teams.

    Our Group Legal team includes legal, compliance and public relations. Together they provide advice and support to the Simplot business.

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  • Casual

    Simplot Australia has a 3000 strong workforce, including a large group of casual and seasonal workers. Due to the seasonal nature of some of our products, our manufacturing plants and harvesting operations have specific volume requirements at different times of the year. At these times, we hire a casual group of employees on a non-permanent basis, with opportunities to harvest, pack, stock and manufacture our products.

    If you are looking for casual based production work, please contact a Human Resource Officer at one of our sites below:

    (02) 6330 2400
    (02) 6330 2600
    (03) 6429 6000
    (03) 6422 6400
    (03) 5485 5600
    Pakenham (Vic)
    (03) 5945 3300
    (03) 9372 2233
    Bibra Lakes (W.A)
    (08) 9479 8500
    Burleigh Heads (Qld)
    (07) 5568 8888
  • Manufacturing & Supply Chain Logistics

    Simplot Australia has 16 factory operations spread across Australia and New Zealand. These include state-of-the-art food production facilities, meat processing and packaging operations, agricultural production and management, and warehousing and logistics operations. Our team of manufacturing and engineering specialists work in plant operations, production, agricultural services, quality and innovation, health and safety, and engineering.

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  • Food Science

    With our custom built pilot plant and sensory facility onsite at Head Office, our group of product, quality and innovation, research development and culinary specialists enjoy first-class facilities. Our team of sensory and consumer research specialists utilise this space to host sensory trials to assist in the innovation and development of our product range. Our in-house test kitchen is home to our culinary specialists; here they facilitate customer, consumer and industry product trials, testing and innovation.

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  • Sales & Marketing

    Simplot Australia's Head Office in Mentone, Victoria, is home to our Retail/Grocery and Foodservice marketing teams. It is here that our well-known Australian brands are brought to life through innovation, development and packaging. While our large sales force is spread across all major Australian states, many of our sales staff work side by side with our marketing teams at Head Office, to bring our brand strategies to the supermarket shelves and Foodservice outlets.

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